Serra Rea

DDAR Program Manager

Serra Rea smiles while standing outside an apartment building.

While working with the County of San Bernardino in the Public Works department, she learned a lot about wildland fires, flooding, and earthquakes. Preparing for the next emergency and working as a Emergency Communications Specialist in the FireCorps, Serra attended American Military Academy and obtained a bachelor degree in Disaster and Emergency Management with a focus on Terrorism and Geological Disasters. Later becoming certified as an Emergency Management Specialist with California Specialized Training Institute. She was introduced to the DDAR program while working at Rolling Start, an Independent Living Center member with CFILC. Working with the program at the center level gave her a good foundation to help the community open up the discussion of resources available to the community before, during and after an emergency or disaster event.

Serra enjoys traveling with a goal to visit all 50 states, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and exploring historic towns. Family exploration trips often involve visiting earthquake faults and volcanoes in California, Nevada and Arizona.