Donation Refund Policy

All CFILC requests for refunds must be made in writing as indicated below. Requests must be mailed to our office, or emailed to [email protected]. Telephone requests will not be honored.

Full Refund/Cancellation of Donation: Must be made 5 Days of donation. No refunds or cancellation requests will be honored 5 Days of donation.

Exchange of Free Gift selected on Donation page: You must contact CFILC by mail or email 5 Days of receipt of item to request an exchange. No exchanges of donation will be honored after 5 Days of receipt. Receipt date will be considered 3 days after shipping date.

To request a refund or cancel donation, contact CFILC at:

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
Accounts Receivable
1000 G Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814

Email: [email protected]