Scent-Free Environment Agreement

It is the policy of Ability Tools that all attendees for in-person events adhere to our scent-free and chemical-free policy. Below is more information what it means to be scent-free.

Scent-Free / Chemical-Free Policy

Fragrance can be an access barrier! To help make this conference accessible to participants for whom chemicals or fragrances are an access barrier, we requests that you come fragrance-free. Please refrain from wearing any scented products or washing with them. This includes clothing that has been laundered with fragranced detergent or fabric softening products. Additionally, please completely air out any dry-cleaned clothing before wearing it to the conference.

How to Be Fragrance-Free

  • Wear clothes laundered in fragrance-free laundry detergent
  • Avoid laundry softeners such as scented dryer sheets
  • Use fragrance-free soap, shampoo and hair products
  • Use fragrance-free lotion
  • Avoid cologne, aftershave lotion, and perfume
  • Read the ingredient labels on all products used on your body or clothing
  • Test each product with your nose or ask a friend with a good sense of smell. Many products are mistakenly marked “unscented” or “fragrance-free” (but actually contain masking scents that can be very harmful).
  • Don’t be afraid to trust your naturally occurring pheromones rather than using added-on scents!