Michelle Rosado

Ability Tools Program Coordinator II

Michelle Rosado poses in front of vertical blinds.

Michelle Rosado is a Program Coordinator II at CFILC, having joined the organization in March 2023. With over six years of experience as an AT and ILS Advocate, Michelle has served people with disabilities in more than six Counties in Central Valley and Motherlode regions before joining CFILC. In 2013 Michelle acquired her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and has always been drawn to advocating for people’s rights on a professional and personal level.

She is most proud of her work at Disability Resources Agency for Independent Living (DRAIL) in assisting hundreds of consumers with securing benefits to maintain financial stability, acquiring low-income housing vouchers, and most of all assisting consumers navigate home modifications to improve accessibility. Michelle has expertise in leveraging funding grants and loans, as well as providing tips and tricks for selecting contractors to ensure her consumers have safe and accessible homes. In her current role, Michelle provides support to the Ability Tools suite of programs and is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with family, acrylic painting, home renovation, and travel.