Marielle Kriesel

Grants and Contractors Director

Marielle Kriesel joined CFILC in February 2024 as Grants & Contracts Director to support the development of partnerships and funding streams to build the capacity of CFILC statewide.

Prior to joining CFILC, Marielle was Deputy Director of the Disability Community Resource Center in Los Angeles.

Marielle also previously worked as a paralegal in disability law practice in Los Angeles.

Marielle served as a Commissioner on the Santa Monica Disabilities Commission from 2014-2021 and was a member of the California Master Plan for Aging’s Equity in Ageing Advisory Committee from 2020-2021. She is currently a panelist on the California Department of Aging’s Equity Advisory Committee on Ageing and Disability.

Marielle received her B.A. in Honors English from CSU, Northridge and is a resident of Santa Monica. She is a writer, student of French, urban gardener and classical music listener and enjoys spending time with family and friends.