Kathrine Crowley

Deputy Director

Kathrine Crowley smiles while seated in an audience.

Kathrine is the Deputy Director of CFILC. Her role is to oversee our organization’s programs, work with our Executive Director to build the capacity of our network, and ultimately improve outcomes for Californians with disabilities.

Kathrine attended University of California, Davis (UCD) and obtained bachelor’s degrees in sociocultural anthropology and English with a minor in psychology. Before attending UCD, her early life and career was spent participating in and advocating with the Disability community. At UCD, she was able to continue her passion by participating in various activities impacting marginalized communities. She studied and interviewed a wide scope of groups, ultimately studying abroad in Ecuador. She lived with indigenous communities and learned about their struggle for autonomy in the wake of government and corporate attempts to strip and mine their lands. This experience taught her much about the strength of community organizing and what a collection of determined individuals can accomplish together.

Kathrine enjoys traveling, with the goal of visiting all seven continents in order to beat her father’s record of having visited six. She enjoys hiking, white-water rafting, swimming, reading, solving puzzles and playing board games with her husband, sisters, nephews and niece. She and her husband have adapted many of their board games in order to make family game night a seamlessly accessible event for her sister Becka, who has Down syndrome and niece and nephew’s Neurodivergencies and vision-based disabilities.