Jem Moore

Statewide Youth Organizer

A professional photograph of a person smiling and wearing a black turtleneck, with a mohawk and glasses.

Jem is a digital media artist, painter, photographer, and a disabled queer activist. They are classically trained in both digital and traditional art as well as communication with a degree from Saint Mary’s college. They have handcrafted an individual sense of style and creativity that is recognizable as well as memorable. She led Sacramento’s first Youth action board as its inaugural chair where she and the team endeavored to improve Sacramento’s youth homelessness systems. 

Jem strives to destigmatize mental health struggles and promote positivity around disability, gender, and sexuality in both her professional and personal life. Their passion for supporting their community has only grown as she steps into her new role as Statewide Youth Organizer. With her years of experience as a peer mentor for youth with disabilities and a passion for self-advocacy and serving the community, working with CFILC will feel like a return to form.