Transitions/Diversion Coordinator (Eureka)


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As a federally-funded Independent Living Center, TCIL is mandated to be
comprised primarily of people with disabilities. This mandate requires that at least
51% of the Board of Directors be people with disabilities.
TCIL Philosophy: Individuals with disabilities are best able to determine their own
needs and make their own service choices. Through role modeling and peer
counseling, they become empowered to make changes in their lives becoming
more self-sufficient and self-reliant.
Line of Authority/Supervision: Program Coordinator; Executive Director
Status: Full -Time, 40 hours/wk; Non-Exempt; may include occasional evenings and
weekends for special client situations and special events or travel
Benefits: Medical, dental, paid holidays, vacation, sick leave

Under the mentorship, direction and review of the Program Coordinator,
performs needs assessments, supports clients to develop and implement
Independent Living Plans and Transition Plans. Makes referrals as
appropriate. Serves the cross-disability community in Humboldt, Del Norte
and Trinity counties. Focuses on identifying needs of individuals who are
transitioning, or desire to transition, from institutional care to more
independent living. Assists in structuring transition plans and coordinating
services to support the plan. Provides outreach and public education
regarding independent living and SNF transition services and resources.

  1. Engage in training about Independent Living (IL) philosophy and history, IL’s
    core values of Inclusiveness, Flexibility, Person First, Accountability and
    Integrity;, transition issues and barriers, ADA, Rehabilitation Act, Fair Housing
    Act and other disability law issues regarding rights, access, employment,
    discrimination, etc.;
    Rev: 2/6/2018 1
  2. Engage in training about social services concepts, procedures, protocols,
    mandated reporting, confidentiality, person-centered services, data collection
    techniques and procedures, report writing and statistics.
  3. Learn about financial benefits including SSI/SSDI, resources, support programs
    and services available in the community to clients.
  4. Learn how to set up client file, maintain records, enter data into data collection
  5. Learn how to, and then, conduct client intake and service needs assessment.
    Learn how to, and then, provide five core services: information & referral, peer
    support, independent living skills training, transitions and individual and systems
  6. Learn how to, and then, help clients develop Independent Living Plans, SNF
    Transitions Plans (when appropriate) and goals. Provide other direct client
    services including (but not limited to) mentoring, teaching core skills and
  7. Assist clients seeking SNF transition in determining appropriate actions for
    achieving their goals. Educate clients about current support programs, services,
    eligibility and referrals that will enhance their independence.
  8. Help clients identify and develop all resources client is going to need to live on
    own – housing, IHSS, social supports, transportation, etc. Provide support to
    move client along the transition process. i.e help locate housing, obtain
    household goods, get IHSS prior to the actual transition. Assist client locate and
    apply for benefits programs and resources to fund transitioning.
  9. Monitor and follow up with clients’ progress. Regularly update client service
    records and case notes; maintain agency record keeping systems, prepare
    periodic statistical reports. Collect required demographic information from
    callers and clients.
  10. Create liaisons with other service providers and conduct outreach activities
    including activities to reach underserved populations in Humboldt, Del Norte
    and Trinity counties. Utilize agency website and agency Facebook page,
    media/social media, information fairs and community events for outreach
    and education.
    Rev: 2/6/2018 2
  11. Promote harmonious and collaborative working relationships; participate fully as
    member of working team, conduct agency business in a professional manner
    with respect for their rights and maintain strict adherence to the independent
    living philosophy.
  12. Participate in trainings, agency meetings, events, presentations, outreach,
    fund-raisers, etc.
  13. Other duties as assigned. TCIL is a very small agency and requires all staff to
    be flexible, willing and available to do all tasks requested, whether identified in
    the position description as an essential duty or responsibility or not. Perform all
    duties in accordance with agency’s policies and procedures.
  14. Keen interest in serving people with disabilities, promoting independent
    living philosophy and empowering and supporting people with disabilities
    who are institutionalized to move to greater independent living.
  15. Fast learner; skilled in time management; possessing 1) outstanding
    organizational and critical thinking skills, 2) ability to be attentive to detail 3)
    strong analytical, judgment and reasoning abilities and 4) skillful in written and
    verbal communication.
  16. Responds with patience, respect, objectivity and nonjudgmental attitude with a
    broad range of people from diverse backgrounds and with all types of
  17. Ability to develop advocacy strategies broken into manageable steps.
  18. High School diploma.
  19. Ability to problem-solve and follow clinical protocols and procedures.
  20. Average proficiency with computer, word processing (Word), Microsoft Office,
    MS-Outlook, internet search and social media. Experience using standard
    office technology and electronic communications including, but not limited to,
    the Internet, e-mail, texting and fax.
  21. Must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.
    Rev: 2/6/2018 3
  22. Ability to effectively communicate and read in English.
  23. Able to make home visits if necessary independently on Agency business
    within the three county service area.
  24. Must have excellent interpersonal skills, possess a positive, cooperative,
    flexible attitude, able and willing to 1) promote harmonious and collaborative
    working relationships, 2) participate fully as a member of the working team
    and 2) conduct self during agency business in a professional manner with
    respect for client rights, maintaining strict adherence to the independent living
  25. Personal experience with a disability.
  26. Bilingual in English Spanish or English/ASL.
    Valid California Driver’s License. Must meet Agency Insurer’s qualifications for
    insurance coverage. (must maintain a valid California driver’s license
    throughout employment.)
    A background check is required for all positions with TCIL as a condition of
    employment and may include fingerprinting.
    Essential Physical Requirements:
    To adequately perform the duties and responsibilities of this job, must be able to:
  27. Sit for up to 8 hours/day with reasonable breaks
  28. Perform light filing and copying tasks
  29. Perform with manual dexterity; lift (occasionally up to 25 pounds), sit, stand,
    bend, stoop
  30. Drive a vehicle and travel independently within the 3 county service area
  31. Maintain emotional balance in the presence of stress. The emotional effort
    varies but can be challenging. Occasionally there are short deadlines and
    periods of high activity/demands. The job entails interacting with persons
    with a variety of disabilities and a variety of communication and behavior
    styles. Some consumers are facing crisis situations.
    Tri-County Independent Living, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All persons
    interested in or having personal experience with disability issues are highly
    encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodation is provided upon request.
    Rev: 2/6/2018 4
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