Melissa Yu

DDAR Program Coordinator

Melissa Yu joined CFILC in January 2024 as the DDAR Program Coordinator supporting disaster preparedness and recovery efforts for individuals with disabilities throughout California, particularly those relying on electricity-dependent services. Having previously worked in academia and education, Melissa is excited to transition into the nonprofit sector to actively engage and support local communities. She recently graduate from the University of North Carolina with a Master’s in Public Health, and is eager to leverage her knowledge and experiences to expand DDAR’s outreach and services, addressing the diverse needs within the disabled community. She is passionate about supporting and empowering marginalized communities, advocating for inclusive disability work that acknowledges both visible and invisible disabilities. She actively advocates for BIPOC representation and inclusion within the disabled community, striving to create a space that recognizes and uplifts diverse disabled voices and experiences.

Melissa is new to California, and enjoys exploring the diverse community, culture, and history that Sacramento has to offer, while on the lookout for authentic hole-in-the-wall food stops for authentic ethnic foods you’d find at your immigrant auntie’s kitchen. You can find her at your local Daiso exploring cute and functional products, at a thrift store on the hunt for cheap and unique finds, or enjoying quality time with her partner and their two dogs, while watching their two cats cuddle.