Jason Cook-Harvey

Statewide Youth Organizer

Jason A. Cook-Harvey has over twenty-five years of youth development experience working as Educator and in Nonprofit business management. He previously worked as an Environmental Justice Community Organizer, Education Specialist, Social and Environmental Science teacher as well as an Expanded Learning Programs provider for youth. In addition, he is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, with a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Mills College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History from San Francisco State University. Jason’s commitment to youth development was heavily influenced by notable disability activist and historian, Paul K. Longmore, who Jason studied under at SF State. Jason utilizes his education and life experience to involve youth in learning engagement, collaborative work, goal development, Action-research, and event planning – skills essential to being a Community Organizer.

In his daily work, Jason seeks to model professionalism with deep listening, cultural understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy, concern and politeness. He deeply values developing and maintaining effective relationships that nurture meaningful partnerships that advance the civil rights of underserved communities.He has spent his career facilitating meaningful interdisciplinary learning experiences for emerging community leaders, ultimately strengthening their likelihood of embracing a humanistic growth-mindset aimed at lifelong learning while simultaneously leading others toward positive systemic change.

Jason considers himself a “renaissance soul” because of his numerous interests and passions. In his downtime, he enjoys gardening (certified Master Gardener), cooking (certified Nutrition Educator), hiking, fishing, djing (collecting vinyl & podcasting), reading, catching up on tv shows, visiting farmers markets, restaurants, festivals and spending time with family, friends and his cat.