Goldie House


Goldie House

As the Statewide Community Organizer at CFILC, I work to:

  • Assist and support 28 ILCs (the IL Network) in building their community organizing capacity through grassroots advocacy groups, and other methods of base-building.
  • Participate in statewide disability and/or intersectional coalitions.
  • Develop community organizing campaigns for systems change, including priority issues outlined in California’s State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL), in coordination with the IL Network and allies.
  • Organize regional and statewide community organizing events.

I have a history in Advocacy. Prior to CFILC I worked with an Independent Living Center for over 5 years and have more than 20 years combined advocacy a experience. I have been a member of CFILC’s (DOnetwork) Disability Organizing Network since 2018.

I am currently a member of an (IHSS) In Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee since February 2018.

I consider CFILC the “ILC-Mothership” for statewide advocates and organizers. I look forward to supporting changes in our communities, focusing on empowering our choices and options for continued Independence.

My Moto is to (ACCEPT, ADAPT, and ADJUST) = the main keys to our survival.

Each 1 teach 1 someday soon we all my reach One…