Alyson Feldmeir


Alyson Feldmeir

Alyson “Aly” Feldmeir joined the CFILC team as the Disability Disaster Access & Resources Manager in May of 2022. Her role is to support the DDAR programs.

Aly was raised in Encinitas, CA and attended California State University, Chico (CSUC). She obtained a bachelors in Political Science: Legal Studies and her paralegal certification. She spent time as an undergraduate providing free legal services in both family and disability law. She later went on to earn her certification as a Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor and volunteer at her local shelter. When her community of Butte County became impacted by the Campfire in 2018, Aly joined United Way as their Disaster Program Specialist to provide direct services and to manage disaster programs rooted in mental health and long term recovery. As her surrounding communities experienced more devastating wildfires, Aly’s role regionalized within the Northern California footprint. She has assisted thousands of households by providing disaster services from the preparation and relief phase, all the way to long term recovery, while leaning in to addressing barriers that impact minority groups and their experience of disaster resiliency.

Aly considers herself, first and foremost, to be a public servant; and she is an advocate for providing equitable services for marginalized communities. She is thrilled to continue her work with CFILC and is excited for new opportunities to provide impactful supportive services.

In Aly’s free time, she enjoys gardening and collecting houseplants. As well as hiking and exploring California’s national forests with her partner and two dogs.