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OIB Advocate (ILRC) Posted on August 14, 2021

Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC)
Based in Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo
Position Summary for OIB Advocate (ILRC)

Status: Part Time: 25 hours/week
Salary: $18/hour
Location: Based in Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo

Description: The Older Individuals who are Blind (OIB) Advocate supports the OIB Coordinator and provides assistance to individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired ages 55 and older with a variety of services to assist them in maintaining or increasing their level of independence at home and in the community. Serves Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties.

About Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC)

The Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) is a disability focused non-profit providing services and advocacy to those experiencing all disabilities, of all ages, and all income levels. Our mission is to promote independent living and full access for individuals with disabilities through advocacy, education and action in our communities. The organization has been based in Santa Barbara since it opened in 1976 and serves the Central Coast Counties of; Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. Services are provided by utilizing a team approach where the consumer is an active member in their goal attainment. Services provided by the organization include; Housing, Personal Assistance, Interpreting, Peer Support, Assistive Technology, Youth Transition, Older Individuals who are Blind Program, Advocacy, and Emergency Preparedness. ILRC is actively engaged in all of our counties.

Job Responsibilities/Duties

● Become familiar with all aspects of the ILRC program in order to assist consumers in understanding their level of independence on a continuum as well as their service needs.
● Assist OIB Coordinator with new consumer intakes, consumer goal setting, and evaluation of progress through check-in calls in all counties
● Monitor consumers' quarterly progress and assess whether changes need to be made to goals. This includes updating goal documentation and Independent Living Plans when goals are completed, creating additional goals as needed, and modifying goals as needed to meet consumers evolving needs.
● Provide information, support and training to assist consumers in achieving stated independent living goals and/or make referrals to appropriate resources and agencies.
● Draft written Independent Living Plan goals with all consumers or obtain waiver and monitor consumers' progress and outcomes of services.
● Provide enhanced information and assistance by working with the consumer to identify the individual’s long and short term needs, identifying resources to meet those needs, providing referrals to identified resources, and, where appropriate, providing warm hand-offs, and following up to ensure that a consumer’s needs have been met.
● Participate in and assist OIB Coordinator with creating content for ILRC’s Blind and Low Vision Support Group.
● Interact and create relationships with local partner organizations for the purpose of quality services and referral options.
● Instruct consumers in techniques used to maintain orientation to their environment whether in their home, neighborhood, work, or community.
● Advise consumers about the laws and regulations pertinent to their needs and assist them in advocating for their rights.
● Work with ILRC Systems Change Advocate to assist individuals, businesses and organizations in complying with laws pertaining to disability issues, advocate for systems change to improve options for persons with disabilities and promote community awareness about independent living needs of people who are blind or low-vision.
● Provide education and training/referrals to consumers on the availability and usage of transportation in order to promote independence.
● Teach skills that will promote the consumer’s further integration into their community.
● Advocate for improved access and services through involvement in various community groups and organizations.
● Provide or see to the provision of assistive technology, assessment of visual acuity (low-vision evaluations), assessment of assistive technology needs, and training on usage of assistive technologies.
● Provide independent living skills training/referrals to such trainings including, but not limited to, Braille instruction, cooking techniques, home organizations skills, cleaning, grooming, methods of communication, etc.
● Participate in outreach events, educational workshops, and resource development trainings on various community based long term care solutions.
● Participate fully as a member of a working team and promote harmonious working relationships.
● Document all services provided and submit on a timely basis.
● Conduct agency business in a professional manner.

Required Education and Experience

Qualification Requirements

● Experience with social and economic issues facing persons with disabilities
● Ability to implement training and Independent Living model of service delivery
● Excellent communication, active listening skills
● Effective organizational skills
● Ethical work practices: honest, dependable, team oriented
● Ability to arrange for/provide own transportation

Preferred Qualifications

● Personal life experience with disability
● Knowledge of services and supports available to Seniors and people who are Blind or Visually Impaired

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email cover letter and resume to: amartin@ilrc-trico.org

This job posting was added on August 14, 2021