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CFILC Issues

There's so much going on in our efforts for advocacy and the reactions of our communities, we hope this page helps to serve more information to let you know what it is that is currently happening. There's always an effort we're trying to push with issues, agenda, campaigns, political bill, events, and more.

CF Issues
December 5th, 2017 Petition to Save Net Neutrality

The ability to organize grassroots movements, whether locally or across the globe, is made possible by an open Internet. Since its creation, the Internet has become the world's megaphone for free speech, protected by the principles of Net Neutrality, which require internet service providers (ISPs) to give everyone equal access to everything you use the internet for -- email, watching videos, listening to music, or signing petitions on Change.org.

Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can choose what you see online, favoring some sources or blocking others. For example, if someone launched a petition on Change.org against a company like Verizon, Net Neutrality prevents Verizon from blocking or slowing their customers' access to our site. …

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Public Policy Perspectives
January 17th, 2018 • Henry J. Contreras, CFILC Public Policy Director
Facing Federal Government and Economic Uncertainties Governor Brown Releases His Proposed 2018-19 State Budget to Prioritize Added Funding For The State "Rainy Day Fund" And Limited Program Spending Increases

Historically, the Governor's Budget released by past Democratic and Republican Administrations alike, reflects the "values" and political and economic priorities of their political party. They are, however, merely the opening act to further action by the Legislature as it moves through the state budget process. The Assembly and Senate Budget Committees will hold hearings for their budget bills to prepare for budget negotiations in June.

With respect to those values and priorities, when Governor Brown released the first budget of his third term as Governor in 2011, the state and the nation were still crippled by a lingering economic recession. California faced a $27 billion state budget deficit, so his message emphasized belt tightening and program spending cuts.

While Health and Human Services advocates were frustrated by his emphasis on debt retirement and opposition to prior spending cut restorations, it proved to be the correct approach. Thanks to one of the longest economic expansions in modern history and voter approval of an initiative to extend temporary tax hikes in 2012, this year's budget projects a $7.5 billion surplus---based upon $4.2 billion in additional revenue.

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